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This presentation will showcase the process for the logo redesign. 

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Old logo
New logo

Exploration and Construction


The  branding process starts with the brainstorm. For Kreatank the brainstorm is composed by different actions that are equally important, which are: understanding the brand/product/business, documentation, inspiration, sketching and designing.

The challenge for this project was to keep the identity recognizable, more connected to the brand and still fresh. The new logo represents a combination of three elements that well represent the brand: Cube for web construction, Heart for the love of creating and V for visual. 





V letter

V for Visual

Their current logo was actually good and they wanted to keep the style and guides so it would be recognizable for their audience. I reorganized the shapes and added one more, and with that, I gave a wider brand story to the identity. The logo is shaped like a heart ( love ), it has cubes in it ( composing/building ) and it resembles the 'V' letter from Visual.

The main brand colors stayed the same as before since the idea of the redesign was to refresh the image keeping it recognizable for the audience. There is only one new tone added to the color family.

Applied Font

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