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Visual Identity





Voltaic is a multi-purpose community and educational team focused on mutual self-improvement in (FPS) games, Aim, and Talent Discovery.

Encouraging improvement through various challenges, tournaments, ranks/teams, free resources, advice, help, coaching and mentoring.

Promoting and highlighting talented individuals, content creators, and players that emerge from our community and utilize their skills/knowledge to collaborate with them to create high-quality educational resources.


Voltaic owns the largest (FPS) Improvement Discord at over 25,000 members. Discord has also Partnered with them and is featuring Voltaic in the Educational Communities Server Browser.

Brand Values

Welcoming, Safe, Creative, Motivating, Inspiring, Inclusive, Helpful, Competitive

Visual Identity

Voltaic is a versatile gaming community with a specific focus on First Person Shooter (FPS) games, although its scope is not limited to this genre. The present initiative encompasses the rebranding of Voltaic.


One of the key issues with the previous logo was its lack of clarity, which made it difficult to comprehend without the accompanying brand name. Additionally, the legibility and scalability of the logo were problematic, resulting in the loss of details in smaller sizes. Despite these shortcomings, we recognized the merit in the concept behind the old logo and retained the fundamental idea, while ensuring that it is adaptable to all circumstances.

The Logo

The new logo design features a synthesis of multiple elements. These include the initial letter 'V', a lightning symbol that aligns with the brand's name 'Voltaic', and a triangle to provide a cohesive and robust shape. Furthermore, the lightning bolt iconography corresponds with the rapidity and agility that is integral to success in the FPS gaming industry.


The logo mark is deliberately kept minimalist to ensure its timelessness and easy remembrance. This simplicity also enhances the scalability and legibility of the logo in various contexts.


The primary brand colors are cyan and indigo ( mix of blue and purple ).


The use of cyan evokes a sense of forceful and potent electric voltage, while the dark indigo color creates a visually striking contrast. The indigo shade is predominantly utilized for backgrounds and textual components, whereas the cyan shade is reserved for the logomark and other highlighted graphical elements.

Primary colors: Cyan ( #24DDD8 ), Indigo ( #2F196B ) 

Secondary colors: Purple ( #5231DD ), Bright Pink ( #FF647A ), Light Grey ( #E2E2E2 )


Logofont: RealistWide 

Webfonts: Armstrong ( Headings ), Nunito Sans ( Paragraphs ) 

Graphical elements

The Visual Identity of Voltaic extends beyond its logo, color scheme, and typography. It encompasses an array of graphical elements, including a pattern that is constructed from the logomark. Moreover, it encompasses image application, social media design, stationery, outdoor and online advertising, and logo animation, among other things. These various components work together cohesively to create a holistic and compelling brand image for Voltaic.

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