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Mavryk Finance




Visual Identity




Mavryk Finance

Mavryk is a DAO-operated financial ecosystem that lets users borrow and earn on their terms while participating in the governance of the platform.

Mavryk's mission is to connect the DeFi and traditional finance worlds by offering a suite of products that enable users to unlock the liquidity trapped in their digital assets. A fully decentralized and cooperative governance structure that rewards all stakeholders for participation. By combining community governance with trustworthy financial services, the aim is to revolutionize the way people manage their finances and usher in a new era of banking.

Governance: A DAO from day one, Mavryk is built on a fully decentralized, transparent, and cooperative governance structure.

Security: Mavryk utilizes the Tezos blockchain for unparalleled transactional security, accuracy, and efficiency.

Simplicity: Mavryk features a straightforward interface that lets you put your money to work in a matter of minutes.

Values: Freedom, Authenticity, Community

Visual Identity

The Visual Identity is based on the ‘Atomic Retro-Futuristic’ style called ‘Retrofuturism’ with a modern and fun illustrative style. Retrofuturism incorporates two overlapping trends which may be summarized as the future as seen from the past and the past as seen from the future. The mood board displays the overall feel of this art style. 

The Logo

The logo design for Mavryk Finance combines a coin to represent the world of crypto finance, with a retro-futuristic spaceship. The spaceship is depicted in a flying or launching state, symbolizing the boost that Mavryk Finance offers users by providing loans. The flying ideology behind the spaceship gives the idea of freedom representing one of Mavryk's values. 


The color palette of Mavryk Finance is a blend of retro-futuristic and modern tones. Cyan, a dominant tone in the atomic retro-futuristic style, represents the vintage feel. On the other hand, vibrant blueberry symbolizes the present tech world, adding a touch of modernity and trust to the palette.

Primary colors: Cyan ( #9ae2d4 ), Dark Slate Blue ( #42397f )

Secondary colors: Congo Pink ( ff8080 ), Medium Purple ( #8d86eb ), Cetacean Blue ( #150e3d )


The logo font is named Houschka Pro by Nick Cooke, clean and legible modern sans with humanist qualities and a uniquely charming character. Rounded corners and rolling curves give the typeface a soft and friendly appearance. This font includes alternative characters, such as a round apex A, which adds a unique touch to the logotype and perfectly complements the atomic retro-futuristic style.

Graphical elements

The spaceship logomark is just one component of the broader atomic retro-futuristic ambiance we've created for Mavryk Finance. The visual assets include a range of graphical elements, such as illustrations, iconography, and UI elements. Additionally, we've implemented parallax scrolling for the website header, produced NFTs and marketing prints, and created a dynamic logo animation. Together, these elements form a comprehensive and cohesive visual identity that reflects the Mavryk brand's ethos and vision.

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