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Providing startups & companies with a fresh new look through handcrafted logo design and brand identity to help them conquer their battleground. 

What I'm good at

For over a decade, I have specialized in creating logos and visual identities for companies worldwide, across diverse industries in both digital and physical spaces.

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Logo Design

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A logo design is the first impression a company makes on its audience, and making a great first impression is always crucial.

Logo Design | Logo mark | Wordmark | Color palette | Typography | Realistic Presentation | Favicon | Logo Guidelines

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Visual Identity

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Building on that first impression, the next step is forging an emotional connection with the audience through a cohesive and well-structured Visual Identity.

Visual Identity | Logo Design | Logo mark | Wordmark | Favicon | App icon | Brand Color palette | Typography | Realistic Presentation | Stationery | Pattern | Graphical Assets | Social Media | Logo animation | Brand Guidelines 

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Online presence

To stay updated with my latest activities, feel free to visit any of my online portfolios.

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Daniel Bodea Kreatank
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Hi there! 

I'm Daniel Bodea the freelance soldier driving the Kreatank and I specialize in handcrafted Logo Design & Visual Identity that not only stands out but also effectively conveys the message and connects to the right audience. My secret weapon? Wild creativity.


Do you have a project that needs a creative touch?

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Let's get your project rolling, just shoot over the details by filling out the forms or by emailing at

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