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Kreatank logo sketch.png

Kreatank is a creative graphic design studio 


that helps startups and active brands connect to the audience through unique handcrafted digital design.

Kreatank logo on Tablet.png
Explosion small.png
Creative Explosion

it's a Tank that shoots your brand with creativity

Animal Logos

The animals will always be a huge part of the logo design world since they're so different and represent many industries, brands so well.

This is a collection with some of my powerful animal logos.  

Howling wolf shield.png
Hexa Cover.png

Hexa Digital

Visual Identity for Hexa Digital a trusted partner for blockchain and digital asset-based ventures. 

Negative Space logos

Negative space is a difficult yet effective style that can make a logo stand out from the ordinary designs. 

Here is a collection of my top negative space logos. 

Negative space logos.png
Ad Dragon ad and press.png

Ad Dragon

Ad Dragon is a trusted marketplace for people to list, discover and book advertising space around the world.

The logo design is constructed around the business name illustrating an Asian Dragon inside a shield.

This is what I can help you with

Visual Identity

Logo Design
Colors & Typography
Realistic Mockups
Stationery Design
Brand Book 
Logo Animation 
Branding icon.png

Logo Design

Logo Design
Realistic Mockups
Logo Guide Book
Logo grid green icon.png

Package & Label

Print design

Ui vector illustration

Logo Animation

Vector Icons

Packagaing Icon.png

Do you have a project that requires my skills?

I'd love to help you with it just shoot over the details by filling out the forms or by email.

Let's get your project rolling! 


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