Animal Logo-Marks

Many companies choose an animal to represent their brand or product to give an idea of their characteristics and personality. There’s more to an animal logo than the animal itself. Every logo communicates its brand’s personality through its color palette, font, shape, and any other style choice, but with animal logos, the animal's characteristics play an essential role as well in representing the brand. For example, a dog represents loyalty, friendship, a lion represents strength, courage, a fox represents slyness and owl wisdom, and so on. 

​This is a collection of different styles of Animal logo-marks I created in the past. 


Logo marks of animals inside a shield shape giving the idea of strength and security. 

Charging and Strong

This is a style I developed through-out the years in which the animals are designed in a strong, aggressive almost charging posture.

Many brands I worked with preferred this style since it has a very dynamic effect that relates to a wide range of industries like sports, construction, gaming, clothing, etc.  

Cute and illustrative

This is a very playful style in which the animals are drawn with an outline and a couple of color shades.

They work well in both color and one color.  

Stylized or abstract 

In some cases, brands prefer a less realistic approach for their logo. Here are a few examples of abstract animal logos I've created.

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