Capterra is a free service that offers comprehensive information on software applications to help users find the best match for their business needs. It's the world's leading software discovery and user reviews platform.

This fun logo was a proposal for a dry cleaning business which not only was cleaning clothing it also picked-up and delivered them. 

PveHero is a blog that shares information, updates and news about the PC gaming world. 

The logo mark symbolizes a double sided axe in negative space which often is used as weapon in the fiction world of gaming.

OrgLynx is an interactive app for on-boarding new employees and employee engagement.

The logo illustrates a lynx fitting to the business name.

Turpial Creative is a front end developing studio by Ricardo Henriquez based in Austin, Texas. 

The bird drawn in the logo is actually a troupial, the national bird of Venezuela.

Strong Minded is app for self improvement for the mind.

The logo mark illustrates a digital and abstract brain giving the idea of development and improvement. 

GraphShot is a project made for fun in which the main idea is a creative combination of a bullet and  a pencil. 

GoldenWolf is a small business designated as a service-disabled, woman-owned company. They were founded by two decorated veterans with decades of service experience.

OliveKube was a logo proposal for a home made olive oil business. The logo illustrates a the creativity of the business name  more precisely a cube shaped olive. 

Brandhorn is a creative design and marketing agency based in Germany.

Autofilm is a logo idea born from the combination of a car wheel ( automotive ) and a film reel ( movie production ) with a vintage touch. 

Ted Orthopedics creates next generation orthopedic braces that makes rehabilitation easier. 

The logo design is based on the name and company that's why it is a walking polar bear.

Appsmith is a studio focused on app building and developing.

Dressclo is a South Korea-only app of C2C fashion commerce platform. 

The logo represents a cute dragon mascot wearing a bow tie to connect to the fashion theme.

Spirit Foundation is the head company that owns Spirit Coin an indigenous digital currency.

The logo mark illustrates an abstract butterfly giving the idea of the spirit animal.

Crown Paper Group is a holding company for investments in the paper and packaging industries.

The logo illustrates a creative combination of a paper box and a crown with an outlined, flat style.

Mammoth Farms is a cannabis agriculture farm based in Colorado. 

The emblematic logo represents three mammoths, one front and two side in views. 


Upiklo was a logo proposal for a package delivery service.

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