better than bamboo logo.png
Better than Bamboo small logo.png

Better Than Bamboo is a company that provides exceptional eco-friendly products that are manufactured in an environmentally and ethically responsible way. The logo represents an abstract Palm leaf plate which is one of their main product.

Ad Dragon logo.png
Addragon small logo.png

AdDragon is an online advertising marketplace that sells ads on top websites.

Coockt logo.png
Cookt small logo.png

Cookt is a website with food recipes and videos. This logo concept was a proposal that illustrates their message: online recipes and finding the fun in cooking. 

Payset logo.png
Payset logo small.png

Payset  is an online bank , a future side project for . The brand identity is focused on the main brand messages: online bank, money transfer, exchange and the initial for Payset. 

Dino decking.png
Dino logo.png

This dino logo was a proposal for a decking company.  The 'n' letter was transformed into a dinosaur which stands on the word 'Decking" giving the idea of the quality and resistance of the deck. 

Straffic logo.png
Straffic small logo.png

Straffic is a private performance marketing network. The identity represents a combination of car traffic viewed from top, the digital world and the 'S' letter from the business name.

sea MAMMOTH.png
mammoth small logo.png

Sea Mammoth is a company that started as sock business called Mammoth Socks which evolved into a clothing and accessories business. The logo mark is a representation of a bold and abstract mammoth that can be easily printed and embroidered on clothing.

Bench logo.png
Bench small logo.png

This clever Bench logo was made for a small business that makes custom starboard storage, benches and tables for boats. It is a simple logo type with a smart hint of a bench in the letter 'H'. 

make a drone.png
Make a drone small logo.png

Make a drone is a company that sells disassembled drones that kids build at home. Their mission is to inspire the kids by educating them about science through hands-on, easy-to-make drone kits that they build and fly themselves. The hands give the idea of the building which is positioned in the shape of a drone. The 4 different colors give it a playful kids vibe.

weltconcept logo.png
Welt concept small logo.png

Welt Concept is a creative web development agency based in Germany. 

The word welt means world and that's why the logo illustrates a combination of an atom and a planet with the use of negative space.

Autentique logo.png
A file logo.png

Autentique is a document signing online platform. The initial letter mark has a file fold which interprets the idea of a document. This is used also separate as a logo mark.

Unicorn logo.png
Unicorn black logo.png

Abstract and minimal unicorn logo with a custom type. The gradient used is representative for the rainbow colors which fit the unicorn idea. 

Nana banana.png
banana ship logo.png

Illustrative logo made for a fruit shipping company.  It is a creative and playful combination of a banana and a boat/ship giving the idea of fruit shipping. 

wpcrib druck logo.png
wpcrib one color logo.png

WpCrib is a blog website with WordPress resource for beginners & pros. Quality tips, tutorials, tricks, and interviews to build better WordPress sites.

Lighthouse logo.png
Lighthouse onw color logo.png

Lighthouse logo concept created with the use of negative space and flat colors. The logo mark works perfectly well in colors as in one color. 

paperplane logo.png
paperplane games logo.png

Paper Plane Games is an online store for board games, The logo has a playful and adventurous feel by illustrating a pilot flying a paper plane. 


Wolf car logo.png
Wolf car logo small.png

This logo was made for a car dealership based in Kazakhstan. 

It s a clever combination of a wolf head and a car in motion given by the use of negative space.

Octocode logo.png
octocode small logo.png

Proposal for a software creating business. Creative and simple mascot logo of an octopus that mimics curly brackets used  in coding.