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Ad Dragon 

was founded in 2019 and incorporated as Ad Dragon LLC in Delaware, United States, Ad Dragon is a trusted marketplace for people to list, discover and book advertising space around the world.

With customers from over 50 countries, Ad Dragon is in the process of sparking a global movement within the ad-tech industry - to make direct, peer-to-peer advertising deals the standard, not the exception.

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The logo designs is constructed around the business name illustrating a Dragon inside a shield with the use of negative space. The mascot was chosen by the client and it is a Chinese dragon, also known as East Asian dragon or Long dragon. They're legendary creatures in Chinese mythology, Chinese folklore and East Asian culture at large. The shield was added to give the message of safety and trust. 

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R: 245

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R: 22

G: 22

B: 22


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R: 255

G: 255

B: 255


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